Senior Secondary School

Senior Secondary School

In DPS, Balotra students learn to work hard enhance leadership skills, advance themselves in critical thinking, build up determination to achieve important goals in life and sustain good habits. Students discover a level of respect and dedication from school that results in success. Teachers in campus help students to focus upon the journey of set vision. They assign their resources and time efficiently to motivate the students regularly. Student improves performance by ensuring to be accountable for their own success, propelling themselves forward through a selection of small achievements designed to break down a larger purpose in life. Teachers offer constant reminder of what that student wants to accomplish in their streams as career. High Secondary curriculum here even fuels ambition and develops confidence in students by encouraging determination through tough times and offer a sense of pride when they finally succeed in their ambition. DPS Balotra hold innumerable achievers. Our students have upheld themselves as progressive citizens, across the country.

Choice of Stream:


Commerce1. English
2. Accountancy
3. Business Studies
4. Economics
1. Physical Education
2. IP
3. Mathematics
4. Entrepreneurship
5. Music
6. Painting
(Select Any One)
Science1. English
2. Physics
3. Chemistry
4. Biology
1. Physical Education
2. Computer Science
3. Painting
(Select Any One)
Humanities1. English
2. History
3. Geography
4. Economics/
Political Science

1. Physical Education
2. Music
3. Painting
(Select Any One)

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