Middle School

Middle School

Middle School

Middle School education programme collaboratively prepare students to succeed in growth and development, so that they are grounded in goals of formulating inclusive, responsible, enthusiastic, caring, confident and ethical. The purpose is to train students to  become increasingly independent and responsible. We guide them to start taking ownership of their own education. This includes an emphasis on the following core attributes of middle grades education.

  1. An understanding of development of adolescents’ cognitive, social, moral, physical and psychological characteristics.
  2. We give students remedial help. Students below grade level in any subject can spend time. We focus on each and every student vis a vis their learning capacity and help them so that no student is left behind.
  3. The method and coherent approach ignites the young minds of DPsITES to be inquisitive logical thinkers who can re-consider, imagine and re-invent new ways of learning.

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Near Nakoda Gate , Nakoda Road, Mevanagar, Balotra

Write to us Email: dpsbalotra@gmail.com

For Admission Call Us: 91 7230059901 /02 /03

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